Keys to Writing a Dissertation Proposal

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Do you feel lost at sea with too much information flowing by you?


Beginning to write a dissertation proposal can seem an overwhelming task. Moving through this process in an efficient and organized way can be essential to completing your dissertation. What are steps you need to take to move forward?  There is no “one size fits all” as to how to organize your process but organize you must. Consider how you can put together the information that you need before you begin the writing process. Outlining can be the key to happiness for many students. Consider that writing a full literature review or even a full-annotated bibliography is not necessarily the priority at the very start.


First, consider laying out a plan for how you will search the literature to obtain useful resources. Go back and organize all the materials you have from past courses, which are relevant to your topic, and integrate these ideas into your outline. Purposefully search for research articles from authors who have opposing views on your topic, and importantly, who have views that may disagree with your own ideas. After you have these ideas outlined then you may be in a more appropriate place to begin a writing process. Take smaller steps like these before you sit down with a few articles and a blank page on the screen in front of you, and this may help you to avoid that sinking feeling of not having a place to begin.

Written by-

Dr. Debra Wood,

Dissertation Coach




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