Tips on Conducting Interviews for a Qualitative Study

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I have worked with over 5000 doctoral candidates over the past 17 years. I assist doctoral candidates and researchers with their dissertation/research proposals, transcription, editing, and data analysis. During my experience, I noticed that researchers typically do understand how to collect quality interviews. The results of a study are based on the quality of the data. If the quality of the data is not good, the results may be skewed. Here are some tips to help you enhance the quality of your interviews:

-If you are conducting semi-structured or structured interviews, make sure to develop a questionnaire guide in advance of the interviews.
-Pilot test your questions. Interview a few participants. After the interview tweak the questions as needed.
-Collect consistent data. After you pilot text the questions, it is best not to continuously reword the questions.
-Establish rapport with your participants, but be cognizant about talking about yourself and sharing your own experiences. Make sure to allow participants to share their experiences, thoughts, etc. and not overwhelm the interviewer with your experiences, thoughts, etc.

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