Asher Consulting, LLC & Asher Beckwitt Testimonials


Catherine Alfano, Ph.D.

Vice President, Survivorship at American Cancer Society

Working with Dr. Asher Beckwitt was a true pleasure. She is a thoughtful collaborator and I appreciated her working with my team in a true partnership from the creation of the analysis plan through completion of the analysis and generation of the final report. She took the time to make sure I understood all the intricacies of the decisions we were making as we structured the analyses without getting lost in the weeds. She takes pride in her work and in making sure her clients get what they need out of her services.

John Cocco

Senior Vice President, Technology at Henkel Corporation

Asher and her team did a great job of providing "honest broker" service for our company. We were trying to better understand team dynamics at play in our innovation processes and needed help to appropriately gather confidential employee data. To get honest survey feedback and at the same time preserve the privacy of the participants we needed to find a reputable company to broker the information and provide it back to us in coded format. Asher and her team did this work superbly under tight time frames and in addition offered support to our survey methodology and analysis. We were glad that Asher worked on this project and would hire her again and again.

Elizabeth C. Boleyn

Doctoral Candidate

Asher was instrumental in getting me off the ground using NVivo with initial open coding of massive data collected from my doctoral study. Being new to this process, she helped me know where to start and how to generate grounded theory. Her expertise with NVivo and personal experience working with grounded theory in her ow doctoral research process went beyond mere software training and services - she coached me along as an important mentor, too. I highly recommend Asher's services to any new or seasoned qualitative researcher or business.

Michael Zarro

Doctoral Candidate

Dr. Beckwitt is a rich source of knowledge regarding qualitative data, coding mapping and the use of QDS software. In addition to her swift responses she offers a wealth of support suggestions that are so very helpful during the dissertation process. If you are conducting qualitative research this should be your source.

Alison Sanders

Doctoral Candidate

Delivered what was promised, ethical, thorough, and comprehensive.

Franklin Aidoo

Doctoral Candidate

She is excellent well vest with Nvivo information and genuine. Will not cheat you when it comes to charges.

Jim Green

Doctoral Candidate

Dr. Beckwitt was very patient with me throughout the entire process. She did a fantastic job communicating timelines with me as well as helping me to make sense of the data. I was very happy with her services.

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