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Dissertation Chapter 4 Roadblock: Understanding how to analyze qualitative data

Coding Qualitative Data, Qualitative Data Analysis, Dissertation Analysis

You have worked hard…You have passed you dissertation proposal… You made it through IRB… You collected your data… Now you are stuck! What do you do next? How do you make sense of everything you collected? Does this sound familiar? Over 16 years I have...
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NVivo Qualitative Software vs. Hand Coding

NVivo training, NVivo consultant, Qualitative data analysis, Qualitative data analysis software, NVivo 11

While many researchers still preform coding by hand on paper, a lot have switched to using qualitative data analysis software programs. I coded data by hand before learning about the benefits of using qualitative data analysis software. Over the past 16...
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Last Chance to Register: Free Seminar on: The Value of Qualitative Research

Free Workshop on: The Value of Qualitative Research Are you new to qualitative research? Would you like to learn about the techniques and tools that support analyzing unstructured data? Join Dr. Asher Beckwitt, for a one-hour eSeminar in which she shares her perspective on the importance of qualitative research and the tools available to support it. In...
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