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Overcoming Dissertation Writing Challenges

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I have 16 years of experience working with over 5000 doctoral candidates. I also served as a Dissertation Chair. One of the biggest barriers I have observed with my clients and students is writing. Writing effectively is critical to completing your dissertation. I have found that...
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Keys to Writing a Dissertation Proposal

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Do you feel lost at sea with too much information flowing by you?

  Beginning to write a dissertation proposal can seem an overwhelming task. Moving through this process in an efficient and organized way can be essential to completing your dissertation. What are steps you...
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The Three P’s of Working towards a Doctorate

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Over half of doctoral students drop out of their program once they reach “All but Dissertation” status. This is astounding. There are numerous reasons for this including: family, financial, physical, and learning barriers. Many doctoral candidates today do not have the luxury of only working on their dissertation. They have to manage...
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