Dissertation coaching, Quantitative data analysis, Qualitative data analysis, NVivo training, SPSS, Coding consensus, Editing, Dissertation editing, & Transcription

We are former Dissertation Chairs who care about you and your success!  We are a small company who provides a personal touch to working with doctoral candidates.

We have over 16 years of experiences working with over 5000 Doctoral Candidates nationally and internationally. Whether you are working on a paper, comprehensive exams, project or dissertation, we offer the services you need throughout the process. See our testimonials.

We provide a number of services to work with you at any stage of the dissertation process:

  • Dissertation coaching-We are former professors who know what it takes to help you succeed. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to be successful!
  • Data analysis assistance- We provide qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods data analysis assistance and services that meet academic ethical standards for working with doctoral candidates.
  • Dissertation editing- We offer every level of editing you need to effectively communicate and cite your sources.
  • Transcription- We provide fast and accurate transcription services for interviews and focus groups.
  • NVivo qualitative analysis software training- We take the frustration out of learning NVivo and only show you what you need to complete your study.
  • Coding consensus-We help you to ensure the trustworthiness of your qualitative data.
  • Career coaching- We help you to identify and further your career.
  • Grant and fellowship services- We help you locate and pursue the right opportunity for you to reduce your debt and support your future career.
  • Cancer research- We offer discount research and grant services to individuals, students, nonprofits, and businesses who engaging in cancer research.

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