Professional Editing

Professional Editing,  Proofreading, Copy Editing, Line Editing

We help you to effectively communicate and properly cite your sources!


We offer 4 levels of editing for proposals, manuscripts, papers, articles, reports, and presentations. Pricing is dependent on the level of editing you need. Contact us for a free 10 minute estimate.


Level Details of Service

This service includes: correcting typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. This service is for manuscripts, papers, and grant proposal that have already been edited and need one final review.

Copy editing  

This service includes: proofreading, as well as improvements to language, syntax, flow, diction, and clarity. This service is for manuscripts, papers, and grant proposals that are well written and require minimal revisions.

Line editing  

This service includes copy editing, as well as improvements to phrasing, transition, flow, scholarly tone, organization, and style formatting (APA 6th edition and MLA).

Developmental editing  

This service includes line editing. This service is best for clients who require substantive help organizing and articulating their arguments. It is also ideal for English as a Second Language speakers or others who require extra assistance rephrasing their sentences and paragraphs for coherence, clarity, and tone.