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Learn How and What to Code in NVivo 11 for Windows

(Learn NVivo Anytime, Anywhere, & at Your Own Pace- Online Recorded Mini-Course)

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Do you want to save time and frustration learning NVivo 11 for Windows? This course will teach you what you need to know (not all of the functions in NVivo) in order to setup and start coding your project. You will have the opportunity to work hands-on with sample data using both deductive (top-down) and inductive (bottom-up, what is emerging from the data) coding approaches. This course is intended for doctoral students, faculty, and researchers working on text-based data (e.g. interviews, focus groups, and open-ended responses) only. You have 60 days to complete it after purchase. Run time: Approximately 2 hours.

Learning Objectives:

• Comprehend the Benefits and Uses of NVivo

• Setup and Organize Data in NVivo

        • Create folders

        • Import data

• Learn How and What to Code in NVivo

        • Inductive approach (plus a hands-on exercise)

        • Deductive approach (plus a hands-on exercise)

• Create a Coding memo

• Preform Coding Consensus

• Save and Backup an NVivo project


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