NVivo 11 Training at the CDC University

Asher Beckwitt, Asher Consulting, LLC, NVivo Training, NVivo

Dr. Asher Beckwitt, founder and CEO of Asher Consulting, LLC will be presenting “Get Started in NVivo 11 Qualitative Software for Windows” at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) University on November 4, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. Asher Consulting, LLC is a small women-owned company who provides comprehensive research services and training to students, faculty, nonprofit, businesses, and government researchers.

This workshop will provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to set up and begin coding their data in NVivo. Participants will also have the opportunity to preview querying, mapping, and reporting features. To learn more about the presentation and NVivo, please click here nvivo-cdc-presentation.

Over the past 16 years, Dr. Beckwitt has conducted over 500 presentations on qualitative analysis methods and their application within NVivo software. Dr. Beckwitt maximizes the efficiency and appeal of instruction by using schemas to build on students knowledge of qualitative analysis and software.

Dr. Beckwitt uses auditory, visual, and hands-on methods in her training's to accommodate students diverse learning styles and reduce their cognitive load. In addition, she has experience engaging students through discussions, course materials depicting multiple qualitative approaches, and working with sample and their own data.   

Click here to contact Dr. Beckwitt, or email her at asher@asherconsult.com, or call her at (703) 577-3689.

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