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Asher Beckwitt, Ph.D.Asher-Beckwitt

Chief Executive Officer & Research Specialist

I started  Asher Consulting, LLC because I value research and the knowledge it has to offer if it is done correctly. Research explores and seeks to gain insight into the consciousness and socialization that makes us human. By understanding what makes us human, we can utilize our results to connect with other people, improve people’s quality of life, enhance our communities, and gain insight into our own and others cultures and cultural practices. Our results can also be used to better programs, policies, products, or services to meet people’s and/or communities needs.

My goal is to equip researchers with the knowledge and skills they need to investigate humanity. By focusing on people’s motivations, behaviors, experiences, thoughts, attitudes, and/or beliefs I feel that we gain meaningful insights into the essence of the human experience.

 Debra Wood, Ph.D.Deb

Dissertation Coach & Research Specialist

I am a believer that that most productive and exciting learning occurs during exchanges of ideas and with teamwork. I have found that teamwork can lead to exciting exchanges of ideas and to the most creative and productive learning. I especially enjoy guiding and learning from students as they pursue knowledge and discover their strengths. I enjoy supporting people to help them learn to think critically and creatively.

Working within the consulting industry allows me to reach students and other researchers to engage in novel research that crosses disciplinary boundaries. I have great enthusiasm for interpreting complex information, and sharing knowledge with people with different perspectives. 

Deborah Neveleff, M.B.A.

Professional Editor

Although I have held various positions throughout my career, my passion for writing has remained constant. This passion is what spurred me to become a freelance writer and editor in 1998. Since then, I have had the opportunity to craft, review and edit a wide range of written work – from technical data-driven reports to academic research articles to deeply personal memoirs. I strive to understand each writer’s purpose and ensure that this purpose is skillfully achieved. In addition, by providing general comments and writing tips, I hope to help writers improve both the technical aspects and the elegance of their written communication style. 

Whether we write for professional purposes or personal satisfaction, our writing is a reflection of our intellect and analytical skill. Writing allows us to contribute to our communities by conveying our interests, ideas and insights to others. Yet so many professionals do not enjoy writing, or feel insecure about their writing abilities. My goal is to help my clients produce written work that meets their needs and goals, clearly communicates their ideas, and reflects their pride in their accomplishments.


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