Market Research & Training

Market Research and Market Research Training

We help you learn more about your community's attitudes, preferences, and needs.


We offer comprehensive research services to assist you at any stage of the research process. We execute full studies from start to finish, assist you with different stages of a project, and/or train you (in-house or online) how to conduct research. Our services include:


Instrument selection/design


  • Quantitative studies: We research and assist you with locating and selecting the appropriate instrument/s to assess your variables.


  • Qualitative studies: We develop or edit questionnaires.


Sampling- We draw a sample from your population to assess an appropriate number of participants for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods studies.


Data collection– Our experienced team of researchers collects quantitative and qualitative data. We offer multiple modalities for data collection to help you optimize participation. We help you to determine the best modality, or use multiple modalities to collect the data.


  • Quantitative data collection:
    • Paper surveys
    • Online surveys (using SurveyGizmo),
    • Automated telephone surveys,
    • Regular telephone surveys/interviews
    • Smartphone surveys
    • Email surveys
    • In-person interviews


  • Qualitative data collection: 
    • In-depth interviews (IDIs) via telephone, in-person, or online
    • Moderate focus groups online or face-to-face
    • In-person observations


Data analysis


  • Statistical & Qualitative analysis: We analyze the data using statistical and/or qualitative analysis techniques and software (e.g. SPSS and NVivo) to ensure the data is reliable and trustworthy.
  • GIS: We provide geographic information science services to include spatial analytics, visualization, and cluster analysis.
  • Data mining: We have the ability to help you detect patterns and extract insights from your data. Techniques include regression analysis, cluster analysis, CART, and CHAID.


Technical report/peer-review article–We offer several reporting options.


  • Detailed report: this report includes the background of the project, methods section, results, and recommendations.
  • Top-line report: this includes background of the project, methods section, and an overview of the results.
  • Peer-review article: We provide you with the methods and results sections for a peer-review article.


Pricing: We offer different formats depending on the combination of services you may need. Contact us for a free 10 minute consultation.


  • We can package any of these services together as you need them, either as a set price for combination services or hourly for limited and specified services.


  • We welcome the opportunity to co-investigate projects. If you include us as co-investigators on a project, we will assist you as consultants with reduced fees depending upon the budget and scope of work required. (Note: This pricing option is limited to specific projects.)