Grant Services

Grant Writing, Grant Editing, and Grant Training

We help you get the funding you need to support your research and programs!

We work with nonprofits and faculty who are interested in obtaining funding for research studies and programs. We write grants, assist you or your organization with developing and writing different parts of grants, and/or train you or your staff in grant development and writing. Our services include:


  • Writing and/or assisting you with writing your proposal


  • Identifying appropriate sources/grantmaker’s for funding


  • Helping you to navigate your proposal through a grantmaker’s procedures


  • Determining what resources you need to execute your research study


  • Ascertaining the appropriate research design, sample, data collection and analysis approaches for your study


  • Defining the outcomes of your study


  • Consulting on issues related to protection for human subjects


  • Editing and provide you with feedback on an existing draft of a proposal


  • Training you (in-house or online) on how to develop the content of you proposal


  • Assisting you with collecting and analyzing data


Pricing: We offer different formats depending on the combination of services you may need. Contact us for a free 10 minute consultation.


  • We can package any of these services together as you need them, either as a set price for combination services or hourly for limited and specified services.


  • If you include us as co-investigators in research, we will assist you in writing the grant free of charge. (Note: This pricing option is limited to specific projects.)


  • If you identify us within the grant as contracted consultants in consideration of our continued services, during grant preparation and research, we will assist you as consultants with reduced fees depending upon the grant budget and scope of work required. (Note: This pricing option is limited to specific projects.)