Gathering and Analyzing Multimedia Data in Qualitative Software

NVivo Training & Qualitative Software Presentation for NC State

Dr. Asher Beckwitt has accepted an invitation to present a workshop titled "Gathering and Analyzing Multimedia Data" at the Data and Visualization Institute for Librarians at North Carolina State. During this presentation, she will discuss the pros and cons of using qualitative data analysis research software. In addition, she will  demonstrate how to work with multimedia data in the NVivo qualitative data analysis software.

Abstract: There are unique challenges in capturing, transforming, describing, storing, and making connections among data of different formats and sources such as pdf, audio, video, graphical, Web, and Google Earth data. This workshop will illustrate the challenges of working with multimedia data and the capabilities of qualitative data analysis programs (ATLAS.ti, NVivo, MaxQDA) to facilitate coding and interpreting of audio, video, and graphical data. Examples of research strategies that allow graphical display and examination of relationships between entities will be provided.

For this session, the objectives are for participants to:
--develop a familiarity with the problem space (i.e., conceptual knowledge, an understanding of important terms, awareness of typical challenges)
--experience a concrete example of tools and methods applied within this problem space



Instructor Biography

Asher Beckwitt, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of Asher Consulting, LLC. Asher Consulting, LLC is a small women-owned company providing comprehensive research services, grant services, and training to students, faculty, nonprofit, businesses, and government researchers.

Dr. Beckwitt received her Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, specializing in Medical Anthropology, race, gender, and social justice from American University in Washington, DC. She also holds a Master's degree in Sociology from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

Dr. Beckwitt has over 16 years of NVivo training experience. She has trained over 2000 researchers nationally and internationally. She utilizes an applied approach in her workshops to teach researchers what they need to know to successfully complete a project. She is a listed consultant with QSR International (the producers of NVivo). In addition, Dr. Beckwitt specializes in grant writing and training, qualitative analysis methods, proposal/research design, data collection, transcription, data analysis, and report writing.

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