Evaluation Services & training

Evaluation Services & Training

We help you to enhance the services and programs that your organization offers and strengthening your efforts to demonstrate measurable outcomes for funders.


We execute full studies from start to finish, assist you with different stages of a project, and/or train you how to conduct research (in-house or online). Our evaluation services include:


  • Satisfaction Evaluation– We evaluate your program or service and provide you with feedback about how the community perceives your organizations brand and its effectiveness.


  • Outcome Evaluation– We evaluate the process and outcomes of your program or service.


  • Impact Evaluation– We assist you to determine the impact you are having on your community.


  • Feasibility studies– We help you to assess if a program is needed and how the program will serve the community.


  • Academic studies– We conduct rigorous studies to assist you further knowledge about a specific issue or problem. These studies are often published in  peer-review publications or used to inform policy decisions.


Pricing: We can package any of these services together as you need them, either as a set price for combination services or hourly for limited and specified services. Contact us for a free 10 minute consultation.