Dr. Asher Beckwitt, Keynote Speaker at Mather Hospital Nursing Research Conference

Asher Beckwitt, Ph.D., Asher Consulting, LLC

Dr. Asher Beckwitt, CEO and founder of Asher Consulting, LLC is the keynote speaker at the John T. Mather Memorial Hospital Nursing Research Conference. Her presentation, "Looking at Nursing through Different Lenses: Understanding Quantitative and Qualitative Approached to Nursing Phenomenon" will focus on the differences between qualitative and quantitative analysis. In addition, it will focus on select approaches (e.g. phenomenology, grounded theory, case study, and qualitative content analysis) used within nursing research. Click on this link to learn more: mather-memorial-hospital-nursing-research-conference.

Dr. Beckwitt received her Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, specializing in medical anthropology, race, gender, and social justice from American University in Washington, DC. She also holds a Master's degree in Sociology from George Mason University.

Dr. Beckwitt has worked on over 5000 qualitative research projects for the past 16 years. She works with professional researchers, faculty, and students. She specializes in: teaching qualitative methods; NVivo qualitative data analysis software training; designing qualitative studies; developing questionnaire guides; and collecting, analyzing and reporting qualitative data. Dr. Beckwitt’s personal research focuses on cancer and cancer survivorship.

Click here to contact Dr. Asher Beckwitt or call (703) 577-3689 for more information.

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