Dissertation Coaching

Dissertation Coaching, Qualitative Dissertation, Quantitative Dissertation for Capella, Walden, Grand Canyon, Northcentral, NOVA Southeaster, University of Phoenix and More

Do you feel like you are not getting the support you need from your chair/mentor/program? Are you frustrated and stuck and feel like you do not know how to move forward? As former dissertation chairs, we will partner with you to provide you with the support you need from start to finish. Contact us

  • home1We empower you to improve the quality of your work by offering constructive feedback. 
  • We support you in addressing comments from your chair, mentor, professor, and committee members.
  • We save you time by assisting you with identifying a feasible topic and narrowing your topic.
  • We assist you with identifying a research problem that emerges from the scholarly literature, developing research questions and/or hypotheses that address the problem, and a choosing a research design that makes sense for your project. 
  • We help you to understand how to write an effective literature review. 
  • We assist you in ensuring that you are taking measures to protect your participants for the human subject board or Institutional Review Board. 
  • We guide you in designing your own research instruments, or in find pre-existing and appropriate instruments for your study. We enable you to collect data effectively using these instruments. 
  • We assist you in analyzing your data.
  • We help you choose software to analyze your data.
  • We will assist you in assessing the conclusions, implications, limitations, and recommendations for further research.
  • We strategize with you about the best ways to write and present your results. 

Customized Assistance:

We also offer written feedback and live meetings with a coach to meet your needs as a learner. Hourly rate of $135 per hour (4 hours minimum is required to start). You may use our services as much or as little as you wish at any point in your dissertation process.

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