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During the analysis phase of my dissertation, I contacted Dr. Beckwitt to obtain one-on-one training for NVivo. I received thorough explanations on how to complete the qualitative process using NVivo. As a result, I was able to perform my analysis, document my findings, and complete my oral defense within a couple of months. I highly recommend Dr. Beckwitt's services. I couldn't have accomplished the tasks without her assistance.

Fran H.

It was my privilege and pleasure to receive training on NVivo qualitative software from Dr. Asher Beckwitt. She is very knowledgeable on the software,  and various qualitative methods. Asher is professional and thorough  in her presentation and examination of the client's data and chosen methodology.  She is accommodating and generous and assures that the client has a clear understanding of the research procedures and process. Thanks to Asher, I was able to complete data analysis  in a few short weeks and meet my deadline for final defense and graduation.

Melanie M.

I worked with Dr. Asher Beckwitt during the analysis phase of my dissertation.  I needed help learning how to use the NVivo software as well as general guidance on using the modified van Kaam method.  Dr. Beckwitt was great – she was able to fit me in very quickly and after just an hour and a half I was up and running and coding my interviews.  She was very responsive to any questions that I had and her guidance helped ensure I didn’t get off track.  Dr. Beckwitt also assisted me with intercoder reliability, which provided me additional support for validity.  She was great to work with – professional and responsive – and I would recommend her and her company to others.

 Tina R.

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