Celebrating 17 Years Supporting Doctoral Candidates & Researchers with their Projects

Qualitative Dissertation, Quantitative Dissertation, NVivo

Please join me in celebrating my 17th year in supporting doctoral candidates and researchers with their qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods projects. During this time, I have had opportunities to support doctoral candidates and researchers in providing assistance and guidance with:

-Writing dissertation and grant proposals/prospectus/papers

-Determining the appropriate methods for their study

-Forming research questions and hypotheses

-Determining the appropriate sample and participant recruitment methods for their study

-Constructing a literature review

-Ensuring ethical compliance with Institutional Review Board standards

-Designing data collection instruments

-Preforming data collection (e.g. open-ended responses, interviews, focus groups, and surveys)

-Conducting or assisting with analysis in NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software and SPSS

-NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software Training

-Writing or guiding doctoral candidates with how to present the results of the analysis

-Editing dissertations, manuscripts, and technical reports

-Preparing doctoral candidates for defense

 I have had the great pleasure of assisting over 5000 doctoral candidates and researchers throughout the globe. I look forward to continuing to support doctoral candidates and researchers conduct and apply their research to enrich peoples’ lives and communities.

Contact Dr. Asher Beckwitt for support at asher@asherconsult.com or (703) 577-3689.

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