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Are you starting your dissertation or want to understand the dissertation process better?

Dissertation Process

Free Webinar: Introduction to the Dissertation Process

Date: July 26 Time: 5:30-6:30 Eastern time zone, USA Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss the process of working on a dissertation
  • Ethical considerations in working on a dissertation
  • Dissertation committee structure
  • Committee responsibilities
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Are you using or planning to use NVivo for your Qualitative Dissertation?

NVivo Training, Qualitative Dissertation

I have worked with over 5000 doctoral candidates who used NVivo to analyze their data over the past 16 years. In my experience, I found that there is are some misunderstandings regarding the uses of NVivo. These include:
  1. NVivo does not do the analysis for you-...
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Get Started in NVivo 11 Qualitative Software for Windows (Research Triangle Area) on May 27

NVivo Training in North Carolina

One Day Training: Learning NVivo can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Our trainings are tailored to save you money and time by highlighting the functions you need (not all of the functions in NVivo) to successfully setup and begin coding your project. This introductory workshop will provide...
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Tips for Writing a Statement of Purpose

Purpose Statement, Statement of Purpose

A purpose statement or statement of purpose typically includes what you intend to investigate, the methods that you will use, a brief statement about your sample, and the possible location for your study. Over the past 16 years as a Dissertation Coach, Chair, and research consultant, I have assisted...
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Keys to Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation Coaching, Dissertation Editing

Do you feel lost at sea with too much information flowing by you?

  Beginning to write a dissertation proposal can seem an overwhelming task. Moving through this process in an efficient and organized way can be essential to completing your dissertation. What are steps you...
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The Three P’s of Working towards a Doctorate

Dissertation Coaching

Over half of doctoral students drop out of their program once they reach “All but Dissertation” status. This is astounding. There are numerous reasons for this including: family, financial, physical, and learning barriers. Many doctoral candidates today do not have the luxury of only working on their dissertation. They have to manage...
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What do you need to successfully complete your Qualitative Dissertation?

I  have been consulting with students working on Qualitative Dissertation projects for over 12 years. I often hear from my clients that they do not have the support they need. If you were to design a perfect dissertation situation, what would you need to successfully complete your Qualitative dissertation?...
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