Are you working on your Dissertation? Here is a tip.

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Let's face it, a dissertation is not written overnight. It is tedious and requires many hours and possibly years of work. I have consulted with over 5000 doctoral candidates past over the 16 years. I have found through my own and others experiences that having the discipline to carve out time to work on your dissertation is difficult. It is especially difficult when you are working and taking care of your family.

My mentor, the late Dr. Howard Lasus, used to tell me to carve out 20 minutes a day to work on my dissertation. By carving out 20 minutes a day, I was finally able to complete my dissertation. This was not an easy task, but it helped me reach my goal. Now when I consult with doctoral candidates, I help them to carve out 20 minutes everyday to work on their dissertation. I share this with you to encourage you to adopt the 20 minutes a day rule.

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