Are you using or planning to use NVivo for your Qualitative Dissertation?

NVivo Training, Qualitative Dissertation

I have worked with over 5000 doctoral candidates who used NVivo to analyze their data over the past 16 years. In my experience, I found that there is are some misunderstandings regarding the uses of NVivo. These include:

  1. NVivo does not do the analysis for you- NVivo is not like SPSS. It requires the researcher to code the data.
  2. NVivo is a software, not a method- NVivo is a software tool, like Word. It does not serve as a method to analyze your data.
  3. NVivo does not identify themes- While there is a new theme function in NVivo that can offer a preview of the data, it is still dependent upon the researcher to code the data.

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