5 Tips for Working on your Dissertation Over the Long Weekend

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Are you planning to work on your dissertation over the long weekend? Do you want to catch up or get ahead? Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Take a few moments to write out a list of what you need to do over the weekend.
  2. Prioritize what you have to do. Next to each item mark “have to do outside of your dissertation” or “could do outside of your dissertation if I have time.”
  3. Make a schedule. Map out each day. Integrate what you have to do and working on your dissertation.
  4. Work on your dissertation and include breaks in-between. A break may be running an errand, doing a load of laundry, exercising, etc. While taking breaks allow you mind to rest and do something that does not require a lot thought. When you return to working on your dissertation, you will feel more refreshed.
  5. Set realistic goals. We often aspire to achieve more than what we can in a day. If these goals are not met, we may experience feelings of defeat or failure. If you set realistic goals, you will end the day feeling a sense of accomplishment and be inspired to continue to work on your dissertation the next day.  

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