Online Introduction to Phenomenology Workshop 6/20/11

Online Introduction to Phenomenology Workshop on Mon 6/20/11 at 11:30am EST. All workshops are 1.5 hours in length. Learning Objectives: -Develop an understanding of the theoretical background of phenomenology -Understand data collection techniques -Provide an overview of the data analysis procedures  To register: 1. Go to 2. Click on the workshops tab 3. Follow the instructions...
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Upcoming Qualitative Methods and NVivo Workshops for June and July

Here is a list of our workshops for June and July:
Workshop Introduction to Qualitative Methods Writing a Qualitative Dissertation Proposal Case Study Grounded Theory QualitativeContent Analysis   Phenomenology An Applied Introduction to NVivo Qualitative Software
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Welcome to All Things Qualitative Research

Welcome! I will be writing about qualitative methods, data collection, data analysis, NVivo qualitative data software, and research. This is intended to be an interactive blog discussion. I encourage others to join in the discussion and share their experiences in conducting or preparing to do qualitative research. I look forward to hearing from you!...
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